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Australis Partners

We are an independent private equity firm founded in 2014 by a seasoned team of senior professionals who have worked together continuously for over 20 years, consistently applying core investment principles.

We manage private equity funds with a focus on the Pacific Alliance countries of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, and cross border opportunities between mainly the US and the Pacific Alliance countries.

Having a history of executing several successful transactions in a wide range of sectors and markets has allowed the Australis Partners’ Investment Team to build long-standing relationships with the investment community in the region that serve as the cornerstone of Australis Partners’ investment strategy and, what Australis Partners believes, is a key differentiator from its competitors.

This network creates both a beneficial sourcing capability as well as local partners for capital, management and value building resources.

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Australis Partners (Advisers) LLC

Our Mission

At Australis Partners, we seek to achieve long-term capital appreciation by making control or influential equity investments in established middle market companies primarily operating in our core markets of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. The goal of Australis Partners is to develop and promote sustainable value-building strategies jointly with talented management for the benefit of our portfolio companies and to deliver liquidity for our investment partners.

An Independent Firm

Australis Partners’ Investment Team has over 140 years of combined private equity experience and has deployed $1.3 billion across 24 deals in Latin America.

Australis Partners was formed in 2014 by former senior investment professionals of the Latin America team at Citigroup Venture Capital International (“CVCI”). Those investment professionals represent a highly experienced and cohesive investment team that has worked together for the majority of their respective careers. While at CVCI, these professionals invested out of three pools of capital ($6.8 billion in total): Citigroup 2001 Proprietary Fund, 2005 Citigroup Venture Capital International Growth Partnership, L.P, and 2008 Citigroup Venture Capital International Growth Partnership II, L.P.

Experienced Investment Team

Australis Partners believes it has one of the most experienced teams in the region, having invested in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile for the past 20+ years across multiple investment cycles and industry sectors, including financial services, healthcare, environmental services, consumer / retail, energy and natural resources.

Our partners have spent their entire careers in the region focusing on industries that are driving growth within these economies. As a result, we have cultivated effective in-country networks and have become deeply embedded in the local business communities.

The Australis Partners’ Investment Team expertise has positioned the firm as a reliable institutional financial partner through a consistent approach to investing with high integrity in deal transacting and constant collaboration with companies across the region. Through this network, Australis Partners’ Investment Team can better understand what opportunities are available in its focus sectors and gain access to them.